Day 3 in Israel

I am blogging so early today, but tomorrow is our first practice at 7am, and we have a meeting at 9pm so I will be going right to sleep after.

Today was definitely a chill day. I slept in and then did some serious work. Sent out emails. That’s about it haha. The life of a coach! Then I went to the beach! It was beautiful out. Nice breeze, sun shining, clouds, warm water….I definitely caught myself thinking “This is the life!” a couple times. We had to enjoy our last day off!! When we were in the ocean a big fish jumped out of the water. I looked at the two other girls I was with and simultaneously we all ran out of the ocean!! Somethings gonna eat that fish, and I don’t wanna be dessert. Of course when I got hot 45 minutes later I went back in..haha!

That’s literally all I have to say about today! Very relaxing and enjoyable before the craziness starts. I am missing everyone at home, but having a great time!!

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Day 2 in Israel

I miss everyone at home. I am so excited to hear that my club team did a GREAT job this weekend!! I miss them so much!! They are such a great group of kids. They have grown so much over the past year and I am a very proud coach!
Today I woke up around 11am. I went for a run but I got lost! Thank goodness I had my Nike+ app going (even though it probably used up all of my data!) so I found the general vicinity of where our place is, and even more lucky, I had my cell phone to call one of my teammates so they could direct me home! (Which was like 2 buildings away from where I was standing).

After the run I went to the beach. It was beautiful. The water is warm and the waves are rough! I laid out about and tried to read The Great Gatsby (what up book club!), but there was an intense game of paddle ball going literally where I Was so I couldn’t focus and decided to sleep instead.

Once I took a shower, I skyped with my family! They were just waking up of course. It was good to catch up with what’s going on at home. I can’t wait to see my WHOLE family in Canada, especially Alysa because I don’t get to see her very often.

Tonight there was a party for our team at a local bar right on the beach. It was nice to just hang out and relax with everyone. Tomorrow we have our first team meeting!! Then its work time!!!

Hope all is well back in the states!!

Finally Here!

Well I have finally made it to Israel!! It has been a long time coming. I’ve only been here for 12 hours but I am already having an amazing time. Let’s start from the beginning.
My wonderful mom drove me to New York City on Wednesday. We hit SO much traffic, and had to drive through down pouring rain! It took us 6 hours…it should have taken us around 3 1/2. When we got to Times Square, it was hopping. We walked around for a little, made sure we hit the important places— the Hershey’s store and the M&M store. Then we exchanged some money for me and had dinner! I was really nervous, so when we got back to the hotel I took a shower and slept.

The next morning at 6am, we drove to JFK airport. I met up with Amanda, another girl on the team, as I checked in. It was really hard to say goodbye to my mom, but having another player with me helped. We waited and waited and waited….there were so many people on our was a double decker plane! We met up with another teammate, Ali, before we got on the plane.

When on the plane, I tried to sleep, but of course I was in the middle seat, so every time I would doze off I would jerk awake thinking I was falling on to someone. I actually slept through our first meal! Luckily I had the gold fish Amy Rice gave me 🙂

I watched Bridesmaids, listened to the Israel National Anthem, Kevin Hart stand up and other stuff to get me through the 10 hour flight. It was fine.
When we landed I was so relieved. It took a little while to get through customs, but I made it! Luckily my phone worked, also because I was able to text my mom and dad.

Katie and Julia picked us up from the airport. That night everything stayed open all night, I forget what it was called, but there were people EVERYWHERE…and it was 4am!
We finally got to the embassy, I got to my room and fell asleep!

When I woke up this morning, a bunch of us went to this street that sells art and food on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. It was awesome but crazy!! I was too overwhelmed to buy anything.

Now we are back at the embassy and I am going to take a nap before practice and Shabbat dinner. I miss everyone at home, and I hope my Hero’s girls are doing well in their game right now!!!

Thought About Stoping….Then Ran Harder.

This week has been a dream. I am so sad lacrosse is over, but I am now realizing what it’s like to have TIME!!

On Tuesday, I was originally having meeting right after school then heading right to practice, so I met with Erin at 5:30 am! We had a really great work out.

Wednesday and Thursday I was able to do the group workout at Axis…those are really beneficial because when you work out with other people you challenge yourself. I used to ONLY want to do private lessons, and I think it was because I was self conscious. Now, I like working out with other people so I can push myself. I also use my stick as much as possible.

Thursday was a bad day. I had stuff going on that was putting me in a terrible mood. I was a quarter of the way through my workout and I just wanted to stop. I wasn’t feeling it. Rob didn’t let me quit, and I am so glad. That is the first time in a long time I lost track of what was important and let outside things bother me. My team and being in the best shape I can be for them and for me is important…not waiting for things that are not going to happen. I am not going to let that bother me anymore. I won’t let things that I can’t change distract me.

It felt so good to get back in a routine with working out…not just doing it when I had time or when I made time.

Friday we had Falcon Idol at our school!! I had to be a judge…Mariah “Scary”. Check out the pic of the judges:


It was fun….I had to “sing” a Mariah song……….It got a lot of laughs which I was hoping for 🙂

I have been teaching my students lacrosse all week. That is four periods a day of lacrosse…basic skills, throwing, catching, ground balls, shooting, tricks…. Howard County Parks and Rec were SO generous to donate 24 (12 girls and 12 boys) BRAND NEW lacrosse sticks to my school. The students are in love.

Anyway, on Saturday when we were doing overhead presses at Axis, and I could feel the discomfort in my shoulder. I finished all the leg exercises and iced.

After Axis Saturday morning, I went and walked around Centennial Park with Caitlin and Samm. It was so nice to just catch up and talk about dumb stuff with my girls!!! I miss them…it’s weird now not seeing them every day! They bring so much positive energy to my life, too, so we need to do that more often!!

At practice that afternoon with my club team, I played with them but used my left hand only so I didn’t irritate my right shoulder.

Sunday I did yoga in the morning. It has been over a year since I have done yoga…it was so awesome. It was tough but it was relaxing and really allowed me to de-stress!! It was such a work out. After yoga, I went and ran around Centennial Lake and I came up with (I’m sure many people have already thought of this) a great interval work out!!!

I am not as tech savvy as a 25 year old should be. There are so many interval apps but I just can’t figure them out. When I got to centennial, I ran the first mile and then started interval training. There are two ways to do this…what I did was every time the chorus of a song came on, I would sprint my BUTT off the entire time. At the lake, you don’t know what your gonna get! You might spend the entire chorus sprinting hills!! Then during the other parts of the song you walk, but don’t let your heart rate get lower than 70% (Around 140 for me)…It was great!

If I had been running on a track I would have switched it around….use the chorus as the recovery. It was really fun!

After running, my brother, sister, dad and I went to the driving range. We were going to play golf later but it looks like a storm is coming, so we took advantage of being 5 seconds away from the range and hit balls. I missed golf! I can’t wait to get out there and actually play.

It’s safe to say this has been a fitness-filled week…let’s repeat!!!

I can’t believe THIS MONTH I will be heading to Israel to meet my teammates and help grow the sport of lacrosse and compete in the World Cup. I am more than excited. It is going to be such an amazing experience !!!!

This was definitely how I felt today 🙂


Welcome Back!

I have 1 month and 3 days until I leave for Israel! I am back and will be blogging every day about my training for this last month. Erin and I are back on our early grind tomorrow morning at 5:30 am 🙂

I have been going to Axis a lot and following the workouts my coach has been sending me over the previous weeks, and now that lacrosse is over I will have more time to keep everyone up to date with how it’s going!



Exactly a week ago, I was heading back to Lauren’s house after tryouts. I think I have had enough time to reflect.

The morning of tryouts was really difficult of me. My anxiety sky rocketed. I was really scared and I didn’t want to go.  Luckily my mom and dad did a great job convincing me TO go. I had an omelet for breakfast and then I went to my parents house and just laid on the couch until someone came home. My dad brought me a Panera Thai Chicken salad. It was hard for me to eat, obviously, because of the stress. I decided to make whole grain pasta with my mom’s meat sauce to take with me so I eat something familiar before tryouts.

I finally hit the road to NJ…it was an easy drive and it was GREAT to see Lauren and her family. I miss them a lot. They definitely helped calm my nerves when I got there.

I left pretty early to get to the facility. When I got there, I signed in and just chilled out for about a half hour before the tryouts began. I am not going into specifics about what we did at tryouts or anything but I will say this. I was so nervous. I was literally shaking during shuttles. It was fast. All of the players there were great at lacrosse  and really nice. I was drenched in sweat. I was hurting by the end. I felt like I trained as hard as I could, but like I have said before, nothing can train you for lacrosse except for playing lacrosse. I wish there were more than one tryout.

I am not going to lie, I cried after it was over when I got in my car and called my dad. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was happy, sad, relieved, upset, confused, tired…everything.

If people wonder why I was so nervous, I can gladly, and finally clearly explain why. I am 25 years old. I am 3 years out of college ball. After my last game as a college player I truly believed I would never play serious competitive lacrosse again. I wanted to go to Israel and help with their programs, but it didn’t work around the time I was fresh out of school. The opportunity to play competitively AND represent my heritage came out of NO WHERE in December. I don’t know if there was anything I wanted more, or anything I had worked harder for. It’s all exciting to talk about while you’re in route of doing something you have always dreamed of, but when that day comes, it’s kind of a slap in the face. When I walked into the facility I was just like…well, this is it. This is what I have devoted almost all my time and energy into doing (not just my body, but my mind, too). This is what I dream about at night. This is the one and only chance I am going to have to play competitive lacrosse for the rest of my life.

It took me a long time to be content with not playing competitive ball again after my college career. I played in some summer leagues and all that stuff, but it definitely isn’t anywhere near the same. The closest I have come to playing like I used to was when we had the counselor vs. camper game at our Hero’s camp where I got to play with a lot of D 1 girls, which was awesome. But besides that, I knew there was nothing coming my way in the near future..until this. Not only would this be the chance I would have to play again, it would also be an opportunity I had to pass up a few years ago to actually GO to Israel and help develop the sport I love so much.

I can honestly say this is most likely the last ride for me. I won’t find out until late February if I actually made the team. If I do it will be a dream come true. If I don’t it will be sad because I know I will never really get a chance to play competitively again but it will have been all worth it. I completely changed my lifestyle for the better. I enjoy exercising now. I WANT to eat healthy. I have a positive outlook on life and believe you can achieve things if you set your mind to it, which makes it easier for me to try to inspire others to do the same.

I don’t know if I am going to continue to blog. I haven’t decided yet. It’s been fun, I haven’t even gone back to read any of them.

I have a lot of people I need to thank before I end this.

Obviously I have the most amazing family in the entire world. They always believe in me and encourage me to do the best I can in whatever I do. I also want to thank my mom for eating the french fries and good food at the house before I would come over for dinner, and for moving the mashed potatoes away from me when I try to grab more. Bryan is also always supportive in everything I do, encouraging me every day to continue working hard.

I couldn’t have been anywhere close without my peeps at Axis. Erin pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go and was so supportive. She was with me on this journey from day 1 and never ever EVER gave up on me. I also got to work out with Rob who is new to Axis and his support and encouragement had a big part in helping me believe I could do this.

Thank you to all of my teams!!!! All of my soccer and lacrosse girls who kept checking up on me, the basketball girls who inspired me every day..You all are one of the reasons why I did this so you know to take an opportunity when it comes and to NEVER GIVE UP!! You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Thank you to the parents, too who kept track of my progress and took the opportunity to wish me luck when we saw each other. I can’t thank Caitlin enough, either. She is such a great person I love to be around because her positive energy rubs off on me. She is the best.

My OMMS family…thank you for dealing with me during this time!!!! I haven’t been around or as social as usual because of my training and you guys never missed a beat with checking in on me and making sure everything was ok and encouraging me. You are all always there just when I need you. I don’t know what I would do without you. I also loved the card 🙂

To my Frostburg girls, thank you for waking up (sometimes hungover) on Saturday mornings to come play lacrosse. Even though we only got together twice, it really helped prepare me. I also forgot what it was like to laugh so hard, and it made me really really REALLY miss you guys. I am so happy so many of us have been able to reconnect and get together after the years.

Malory gets her own little paragraph. Malory and I met (I love telling this story) when I was coaching at Frostburg. I was really hard on her and she didn’t like me.  I didn’t like her much either (This was obvious when she wanted us to get strawberry cream cheese for an away game. Don’t ask.), but I think it was because she was so good and she didn’t know it yet. I’m not really sure at what point we started seeing eye to eye, but that was one of the best things to happen to me in my life. Malory is full of life, so positive, and so inspiring. I don’t think she will ever understand the impact she had on me over the past month. She would call me just to go pass, she pushed me hard at Axis (and I KNOW she let me beat her in sprints some times just to get my confidence up), and she helped me take care of riff raff things to ease the stress of life I had on me. I am lucky to have her as an assistant coach, my “assistant in life”, and a best friend.

And thank you to everyone who read my blog. I appreciate all of your kind words and support. I hope it inspired you to some extent in any way.

I plan to continue this healthy lifestyle. I am running a half marathon in April, Full Triathlon in May, Hopefully going to Israel in July, Sprint Tri in August, Sprint Tri in September.

Remember, a goal is just a dream with a deadline.




If You Don’t Invest Very Much… 2 sleeps!

…then defeat doesn’t hurt very much and winning is not very exciting.

I think it’s safe to say I have invested a lot into preparing for this tryout. I have completely changed my health-related life around, both mental and physical. It’ been a change for the better, that’s for sure.

Today was my last work out at Axis before tryouts. It was really enjoyable and fun, I think in part because I am getting so excited for Sunday. Malory came too, so she helped push me! I love when she works out with me! We did a lot of footwork on the turf, including working on longer-turns around giant tires to put some pressure on other muscles rather than planting and turning sharply. I thought it was awesome and really smart and beneficial. We also did a light weight lifting session, with some DB bench presses, lat pull downs, and squats and this other thing I can’t remember the name. Then I did the elliptical interval work out that Erin made for me last time. I love it, it’s a quick (17 minutes), hard workout that isn’t painful but really great for cardiovascular improvement. I can tell I am in shape when I do it, too because it doesn’t hurt to breathe heavy anymore!!

My besties from school made me an awesome card to wish me luck!! It was so sweet. I really appreciate EVERYONE’s support, well wishes and encouraging words. I couldn’t have done it without all of that. Especially my mom! How wonderful are her comments? Very heartfelt. It goes without saying I have amazing parents and I am so fortunate that they support me and believe in me with anything I do. I love them, and I love all of you guys too!!!