The best and worst thing about this tournament, and this being our first time in the tournament, is that we have no idea what to expect from other teams. Yes, we know US, Canada, England and Australia are the big dogs, but other than that we really just don’t know. We can scout, talk to other coaches, etc, but we haven’t been together as a team that long so it’s hard to think of how you will match up. That makes it interesting when preparing….it almost makes it easier. You don’t find yourself underestimating teams. If anything, teams are definitely underestimating us. That might be why in our first four games we’ve gotten off 3 quick goals to start….forcing the other team to call a time out.

During our game on Friday, our team hit the ground running and never looked back. We had scouted Scotland and knew they were quick, but our team was on and played with passion and heart. We ended up winning 13-6, and loved every minute of it. I don’t think people knew what to expect from us, but I think we have turned a couple heads.

Friday night our team went to Shabbat services at a Chabad House near where we were staying. My mom came with me and it was nice to experience that with her, since it has been a while since we went to services together. I had the privilege of going to services in Israel but being with my mom was something special. After services we has Shabbat dinner.

Saturday we observed Shabbat. I went to Toronto to spend time with my family and rest up! It was great to see my sister Alysa who lives in Toronto. She runs the Museum of Inuit Art, which is amazing. She gave us a tour and from someone who isn’t usually in to art, I found it extremely enjoyable and super cool to see what my sister does. We got to pick our favorite piece of art. Mine was a dancing polar bear. Why? Because I love dancing, and I love polar bears. Simple as that.

Sunday we had a game verse Korea. We won 19-2. Every player on attack scored so it was really exciting!

Monday our game was at 9am!!! We had to get up so early (now that I have finally gotten off “teacher time” it was a struggle). We beat Hong Kong 19-4.

Today we had a big game. We were undefeated and Japan was undefeated. We played hard but unfortunately we lost in over time. It’s really tough to lose like that. Being a player during training camp, I grew really close to these girls; I see them as my best friends and family. As a coach now, it’s tough to see my best friends upset after the game. We were all upset but we can only move forward from here. We didn’t reach our team goal of going 5-0 in pool play, but we came pretty damn close. I also know we have made a name for ourselves and people are starting to respect us as a good lacrosse team.

We reached our goal of getting into the championship bracket, so now we need to focus on that and get pumped for making history as the first Israeli women’s lacrosse team competing at the highest level.





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