Yalla Israel! 1-0!!

I am going to do my best to blog every two days, because things get so hectic here that all I want to do is go to bed when we get back and we only have WiFi in the lobby sooooo it’s a little more challenging than I would like!

Yesterday was HOT here…good thing we are accustomed to scorching heat from the beautiful land of Israel. We started out the morning with a meeting. For those of you are facebook friends with me, you might be aware of the issue we are having here. We plan on making it to the championship bracket. If we make it to the championship game, we would have to play on Saturday. Saturday’s Israel observes Shabbat. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shabbat, it is from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night. Everything in Israel shuts down. People celebrate many different ways…when it comes down to it, it is the day of rest. Originally, the championship would have been held on Friday, but a team dropped out and it has been moved. We as a team and an organization, from day one, said we would not play on Shabbat. This is something we still stand by. We have provided alternatives to the FIL that would help them accommodate this issue, but they are not willing to budge. Something that people don’t understand is that this isn’t necessarily about the Jewish religion. Israel shuts down on Shabbat. It is part of the culture of the country we are so proudly representing. This is more than just lacrosse for our team. This is doing something positive for Israel and being proud of our heritage which I have learned much more about in 11 days thanks to my teammates than I have my entire life. Everyone on the team is 100% on board for not playing on Shabbat.

We practiced in the morning and then got ready for the opening ceremonies!! We had no idea what to expect. We also didn’t have blow dryers or straighteners so we had to go all natural…..which according to Mazer makes me look like a gypsy. I’m ok with it.

When we got there, we hand around for a bit and then got our flag! It was really awesome to be with all of the other countries and see everyone so excited. While we were waiting, we sang Hebrew songs and just had a blast with eachother.

I’m not gonna lie it was pretty olympic like, without Michael Phelps. And maybe about .001 of the fans there…but our families were there that’s all that mattered because we had lots of cheers for Israel!!!





It was such an amazing experience!!

Today we had our first game!! We played Germany. We were tied 3-3 and then went on a 10 straight goal run. I was coaching and it was incredible to watch how hard our team played. Everyone played together and with 100% intensity. We won 15-6. Lauren also got player of the match! And here’s a funny about Lauren………..The first day I was in Israel we had a pick up practice. We were using these goals that were kind of like rage cages but with soft ‘pipes’. One of them was kind of broken so we just left it off to the side. So we’re playing 7v7 and Lauren’s like intensely running off a double team and runs directly into the broken goal and falls down. Now at this point we all don’t know each other very well yet so we didn’t feel it was appropriate to laugh at her. Now, in retrospect, I’m thinking “remember when!” and look at her now!! She’s a beast on the field.



Tomorrow we play Scotland. If we win, we automatically get into the Championship bracket!!!
Go Israel!!!!

Yalla!! lila tov!!


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