We Made It! We Made It!

Israel has arrived!!!!….after the most torturous traveling I have ever experienced… And half the team had it worse than I did!

Half of the girls had to leave the embassy at 2am for a 6am flight. Our flight was at 11:30. I get there and security is literally going through every piece or my luggage before I even check in. It was crazy. Then the same thing happened with my Carry on! I guess my Israel lacrosse shirt made me look suspicious.

We had a 12 hour flight to Toronto. I lucked out and got the window seat in an emergency exit row so I had tons of leg room. After naps, I Love You Man, Superbad and despicable me, we were almost there. We were flying in circles waiting for a storm to pass so we could land, and I think every baby on the plane decided simultaneously to cry hysterically.

We finally had to land at a nearby airport. We sat on the plane for almost two hours, and then finally took off and landed in Toronto. At this point it’s 9pm….4am Israel time. The poor other girls on the team had it way worse though. They had to fly to Poland, have a 7hour layover, then they ended up landing in Ottawa and had to wait for 3 hours on the plane. Then when they finally landed they had to stay on the plan for another hour.

We made it to our place at 2am. Where we are staying is nice! They are dorms but fancy. Each room has to separate bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. All I was saying when we got there was “WHERE IS THE LAUNDRY MACHINE? I NEED TO FIND THE LAUNDRY MACHINE!” The girls talked some sense in to me so I took a shower and went to bed.

This morning AFTER putting my laundry in, Jenna, Nicole, Lauren and I went to Tim Hortons and got breakfast. We also got our player packs which included our participant badges. That’s when it hit us. We are at the World Cup!!!!

We started out by taking our team picture. I must say we look pretty legit in our uniforms!!
After picture we had a short practice and then an exhibition game against the Netherlands. We killed it!!! Everyone played so great and we won 12-1! It was really fun.

I am so tired which is probably why I’m not being so detailed right now but I promise my posts will get better!! I can’t wait to see my family tomorrow!!
Tomorrow the opening ceremony will stream live for free on this website, so tune in if you can!!



2 thoughts on “We Made It! We Made It!

  1. Hey coach. I can’t wait to see your team play. We are going to try to watch every game. We played so awesome at this past tournament and we really gave that M&D team a run for their money. It was so much fun. We really played really hard. The full checking was different. Good luck Team Israel!!!

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