Day 3 in Israel

I am blogging so early today, but tomorrow is our first practice at 7am, and we have a meeting at 9pm so I will be going right to sleep after.

Today was definitely a chill day. I slept in and then did some serious work. Sent out emails. That’s about it haha. The life of a coach! Then I went to the beach! It was beautiful out. Nice breeze, sun shining, clouds, warm water….I definitely caught myself thinking “This is the life!” a couple times. We had to enjoy our last day off!! When we were in the ocean a big fish jumped out of the water. I looked at the two other girls I was with and simultaneously we all ran out of the ocean!! Somethings gonna eat that fish, and I don’t wanna be dessert. Of course when I got hot 45 minutes later I went back in..haha!

That’s literally all I have to say about today! Very relaxing and enjoyable before the craziness starts. I am missing everyone at home, but having a great time!!

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