Day 2 in Israel

I miss everyone at home. I am so excited to hear that my club team did a GREAT job this weekend!! I miss them so much!! They are such a great group of kids. They have grown so much over the past year and I am a very proud coach!
Today I woke up around 11am. I went for a run but I got lost! Thank goodness I had my Nike+ app going (even though it probably used up all of my data!) so I found the general vicinity of where our place is, and even more lucky, I had my cell phone to call one of my teammates so they could direct me home! (Which was like 2 buildings away from where I was standing).

After the run I went to the beach. It was beautiful. The water is warm and the waves are rough! I laid out about and tried to read The Great Gatsby (what up book club!), but there was an intense game of paddle ball going literally where I Was so I couldn’t focus and decided to sleep instead.

Once I took a shower, I skyped with my family! They were just waking up of course. It was good to catch up with what’s going on at home. I can’t wait to see my WHOLE family in Canada, especially Alysa because I don’t get to see her very often.

Tonight there was a party for our team at a local bar right on the beach. It was nice to just hang out and relax with everyone. Tomorrow we have our first team meeting!! Then its work time!!!

Hope all is well back in the states!!


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