If You Don’t Invest Very Much… 2 sleeps!

…then defeat doesn’t hurt very much and winning is not very exciting.

I think it’s safe to say I have invested a lot into preparing for this tryout. I have completely changed my health-related life around, both mental and physical. It’ been a change for the better, that’s for sure.

Today was my last work out at Axis before tryouts. It was really enjoyable and fun, I think in part because I am getting so excited for Sunday. Malory came too, so she helped push me! I love when she works out with me! We did a lot of footwork on the turf, including working on longer-turns around giant tires to put some pressure on other muscles rather than planting and turning sharply. I thought it was awesome and really smart and beneficial. We also did a light weight lifting session, with some DB bench presses, lat pull downs, and squats and this other thing I can’t remember the name. Then I did the elliptical interval work out that Erin made for me last time. I love it, it’s a quick (17 minutes), hard workout that isn’t painful but really great for cardiovascular improvement. I can tell I am in shape when I do it, too because it doesn’t hurt to breathe heavy anymore!!

My besties from school made me an awesome card to wish me luck!! It was so sweet. I really appreciate EVERYONE’s support, well wishes and encouraging words. I couldn’t have done it without all of that. Especially my mom! How wonderful are her comments? Very heartfelt. It goes without saying I have amazing parents and I am so fortunate that they support me and believe in me with anything I do. I love them, and I love all of you guys too!!!




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