Become The Most Positive And Enthusiastic Person You Know…7 days!


This is my goal for tomorrow and this week and hopefully a long time after. I used to be obnoxiously happy. I need to get back to that.

I woke up this morning at 6 (!!!) so I could go to body step with my mom and sister at 7am. 7am on a Sunday morning!! Can we say…determination?? Average HR: 125
Max HR: 169
Calories: 461
Calories from fat: 22%

Clearly not my hardest workout, but I opted to do the lower-impact options for a lot of the jumping parts because the last thing I want to do is roll my ankle trying to jump on and off the bench a week before tryouts. I spent the rest of the day laying around watching football. I will say, it was really nice to get home from the gym by 8:30, make breakfast, then look at the clock and it only be 9am. I still had the whole day!

I need to work on mentally preparing this week. I am going to watch some games and read some “Mind Gym”. We are also doing fitness in our classes this week, which I am pretty excited about.

I also realized today it’s been 33 days since I had fast food, soda, ice cream, candy, etc. 🙂

This week is going to be tough and stressful but I am going to try to live by those words at the top and just kind of savor this moment.

Have a great Monday!



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