Today Is Another Chance To Make Yourself Proud. 8 Days Left.


Today I made myself proud. I got to the field an hour before we were supposed to meet. I went through my dynamic warm ups and, again, I even did high knees and butt kicks. After, I worked on sprinting to pick up ground balls 20 yards away. Usually that’s where I stop. This time, I saw the 8 and 12 meter, and got an idea. Yesterday at Axis, Erin had us sprint to the 5 yard line, back pedal back, and sprint straight through the 20. I got on the edge of the crease, sprinted to the 12m, back pedaled to the 8 meter, sprinted back to the 12 and then turned and sprinted back to the crease. I did this A BUNCH of times before I got another idea. I decided to shuffle to the 12, turn and sprint to the 8, back pedal to the 12, and sprint to the crease. I was so excited that I thought of these things that I literally went through them until everyone showed up at 11.  As a defender, you do a lot of work in the 12. You have to be quick on your feet, and this exercise was really good in helping me work on that.I also did full field sprints, working on striding and finding the 80% and 100%.

Obviously, afterwards,  I felt like a boss. This had a lot to do with my beats by Dre.


That’s my Boss pose.

Playing today was really beneficial. We did a lot of different things; I worked on defending feeds, cutters, fast breaks and most of all, crease rolls. Crease rolls used to be my thing, but for some reason I just haven’t been able to get into the groove! Everyone was really great taking drives and helping me out. When Jesse helped me it finally clicked and I was on my way back to my normal self. It was really awesome to play with everyone again.

I had my HR monitor on for 2 hours- the hour I was by myself and the hour we played.
Average HR: 134
Max HR: 195
Calories Burned: 918
Calories from fat: 19%

After lunch I went to Axis to roll. I knew I was going to feel sore from playing like last week because it uses muscles in ways they aren’t necessarily used during training. It felt good!!

I need to have confidence. I need to remember my earlier posts. I should feel very confident that I have done everything I can to train for the tryout. That’s my goal. I really really really want to make this team, but sometimes you just don’t know. I have 1 week left, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be mental. Let’s get it!



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