Decide That You Want It More Than You Are Afraid Of It…Day 18 (12 days left)


The closer we get to January 13th, the more anxiety/excitment/ I am getting. I am picturing so many different scenarios and I am driving myself crazy!! I wish it was the day, and at the same time I wish I had more time. I have to let the want overpower the fear.

I am so tired. Today was the first day back to work! And on top of that, Malory and I went to Axis at 5:30!!! We have lots of pictures thanks to our wonderful photographer Erin!

  • Warm Up
  • Sprints/Quick Starts/Agilities
  • Abs
  • Dumbbell hang clean with a squat/ skater jumps
  • Lunges with 25 pound plates over our head/ 15 tricep pushups/ 12 upright plate rows
  • Lat Bar pull downs, hamstring raises
  • Conditioning

Max HR: 191
Average HR: 137
Calories: 544
Calories from Fat: 18%

Enjoy the pictures:









If you must know why we are on our knees, try carrying a 25 pound plate over your head, lunge for 20 yards, do 15 tricep push ups and 12 plate upright rows. Then do it two more times without stopping.

It was nice to have Malory there to push me. I feel like I am so slow in the morning!! Malory is so fast, and as Erin says, you need to run fast to get fast! So she is definitely helping me.

This workout was tough. I really felt like it was working every part of my body because everything was tired at the end! There was also no talking at all, which is PROOF that we were working our butts off! No riff-raff with Erin. If she’s gonna wake up at 4am to come train us, she’s going to make us get every single possible thing we can out of it!!

After the workout I definitely felt rejuvenated and in a really good mood. It was hard for me to write on my white board, though, because I couldn’t hold my arm up!! During school I made a green monster for lunch. It was good!! After school, though, I was hungry. And tired. And cranky. At basketball practice, I played around with my stick, but not too much because my arms are killing and we did stick work today at Axis. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because I was nervous I would over sleep! I am in bed already and it is 8:12, so hopefully I will get a good night sleep tonight.

I am sorry this isn’t a funny or entertaining one but I am sleeeeepy! I will leave you with this:




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