Happy New Year!!! Day 17 (13 days left)

Happy New Year!!! Obviously I didn’t post last night because of my crazy NYE party….just kidding!! It involved Bryan and I trying to keep each other awake until 12, cheers-ing with some champagne, and then I fell right to SLEEP!! Luckily I have already begun my journey to better myself, rather than waiting for TODAY to start. Here’s a fun picture I found to some up some changes I have been making:


Pretty good summary!! Don’t just do enough to get by…do everything you can to be the best YOU! I also am taking on this challenge:


Now..this can be taken a lot of different ways, but I think every way is a positive way. It can be referring to “higher ups”…in my case, administration, other colleagues, etc. I want to will strive to be SO GOOD at what I do that it makes a positive impact for our school. This also can relate to my students. I want to will strive to be SO GOOD at teaching that they can’t just go through the motions during class…that they leave class thinking that they learned something valuable that day. This can also be put towards tryouts, obviously. I had previously talked about training to be the best, not just good enough. I have anxiety about not getting noticed at tryouts. I have to train with the mindset that I need to be so good that the evaluators notice me. And finally, just an overall person. This isn’t about getting recognition for things…this is about making a positive impact on the people around you.

This is something I want to work on and I want to make part of my lifestyle.

Let’s bump back to yesterday.

I was happy to be joined by two of my friends to work out at Axis!! Ali and Malory came with me. It was a really cool experience to work with them because I played with and coached Ali and I coached Malory, but during our work out we were all giving our best and pushing each other because we were comfortable with each other and not worried about being judged! It’s also hilarious when we get together, so that added some fun 🙂

  • Warm Up
  • Sprints
  • Agilities with sticks
  • Dumbbell squats, TRX rows, box hops
  • Dumbbell incline presses, Single Leg RDLs, Med ball slams
  • 3 300 sprints
  • Abs
  • Lax!!

Average HR: 148
MAX HR Reached: 196 (woo!!!)
Calories: 764
Calories from Fat: 14%

Rob was really helpful and motivating where there is NOT a lot of rest at all. We only have an hour to work, so he pushes us through the whole hour so we keep our HR raised. I am pretty sure his favorite thing to say is “Come on” because I am slow getting from one exercise to the next!

I was hurting in areas I didn’t know I could hurt, and I think it’s from playing lacrosse Saturday, which is AWESOME! I have a bruise on each arm. I missed those. This morning, my  IT bands were throbbing, to the point where I woke up due to the pain. I need to roll them out and I know it’s going to be painful.

Tomorrow it’s back to work!! It’s been nice having lots of time to train, now I have to crunch it in somewhere in my busy day. Tomorrow we are back to 5:30 am! If you make exercise a priority, you will always make time for it.



One thought on “Happy New Year!!! Day 17 (13 days left)

  1. Glad to see you being able to apply these positive principles to all aspects of your life, not just the training. That will serve you well.
    I saw this today and thought of you:

    Top 10 Word of Wisdom by Ghandi
    1. Be The Change
    2. What You Think You Become
    3.Where There is Love There Is Life
    4. Learn As If You’ll Live Forever
    5.Your Health Is Your Real Wealth
    6. Have A Sense of Humor
    7.Your Life Is Your Message
    8. Action Expresses Priorities
    9.Our Greatness Is Being Able To Remake Ourselves
    10. Find Yourself In The Service Of Others

    Happy New Year!

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