If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You…Day 25 (15 days left)

I have been training really hard. I have been working out and pushing myself every day to get in better shape. I have been playing wall ball to make my stick skills better. Today was the first day I got out on the field with other people challenging me. It was tough. I struggled. But..it was great and just what I needed.


I had a wonderful opportunity today. A bunch of girls that I played with at Frostburg or coached at Frostburg got together today to play. We were meeting at 11. I got there at 9:30 for two reasons.

  1. To claim a field
  2. To do my own workout before hand.


It was FREEZING!! I went through my dynamic warm up that I do at Axis every day. I even did high knees and butt kicks, Erin 🙂 . I felt much warmer when I was done. It felt nice to really wear my turfs, too. Now, I am NOT a selfy-picture taker, but I had to document myself working hard in the freezing cold!!


I worked a little bit on striding while sprinting, something we had gone over last week. I tried to find my 80% and 100%. I also put some groundballs down and just practice on quick starts and picking them up at a full on sprint.


Everybody started to show up. At first it was just me, Malory, Ci and Jesse. We decided to work on 2v2’s. Oh my god. I was having a hard time. It’s different being in shape and being in lacrosse-shape. Lacrosse shape doesn’t have to do with running fast or not getting tired. It’s about knowing when to step in close to the crease to defend, reminding yourself to move your feet, NOT stopping your feet to get the back check. All of these things were a wake up call to me. Malory is also ridiculously good and she was smoking me!!! I started to get frustrated, so I went to get a drink. I started telling myself that it’s no big deal because in a game you’re usually not going to be all by yourself defending or with only one other person. Then I almost slapped myself in the face. You know what I just did? I made an excuse for sucking. Not only does working on 1v1 and 2v2 make you BETTER at 7v7 and dependent on your own defense, but at tryouts they are probably going to have those kind of drills! So, I got my head back on straight and worked hard to get better. It just made me realize- hey, you haven’t actually played competitive lacrosse in a while. It’s going to take some time, but it will come back.

when I went back to play, Jesse set a pick on me and I swear it was like I hit a brick wall!! It was pretty funny. Once everyone else got there we did some drills and played some games. It was fun and challenging at the same time. It involved a lot of thinking, which I didn’t have to do when I was playing in college every day.

I had my heart rate monitor on for 2 hours during that time. My average HR was 133, Max was 177, I burned 697 calories, 23% from fat. It was a good workout!


I also probably burned a lot of calories from laughing. I haven’t laughed as much as I did today in as long as I can remember. I miss playing/coaching these guys. They are awesome. We went to OTB to get some lunch after, and I really enjoyed catching up with everyone.

I’ve been watching football the rest of the day, and now I am hoping the Redskins beat the Cowboys!!!

Tomorrow Ali and Malory are coming to Axis with me…I am really excited!!!



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