It’s Easier Waking Up Early To Workout Than Looking In The Mirror Every Morning And Not Liking What You See…Day 22 (18 days left)

Today was the best day.


The reason I made that my title is not because I would look in the mirror and be like “ew you are ugly”. I would look at myself in the mirror and see someone who wasn’t giving 100% every single day to be the best person they could be, no matter what the challenge or task.

I am that person now.

I’ve made it pretty clear that I am on winter break right now. Instead of sleeping in, I went to Axis at 7:30 this morning. Thanks Rob, whose 6:30 am class was canceled, but still came in early! I wanted to get up and get rolling and make the most of my day.

What a workout. It’s been a while since we’ve walked through one, and since my heart rate monitor is working (I realized it wasn’t working because the strap was too loose because of the weight I’ve lost!!) I can post specifics.

  • Warm Up
  • Sprints- we worked on starts and finding a gear change which is really going to be helpful come tryouts (all with my stick)
  • LOTS of Ladders with a ground ball pick up, then Crazy hard agilities with my stick
  • Speed Skate jumps (I just made up that name because I looked like Apolo Ohno doing them…not as hot though)
  • Bench Press, Pull Ups (EW), Med Ball Throws
  • Squats (killed those), Ex. Ball Leg Curls (I didn’t breathe during those) Broad jumps
  • Planks and abs and stuff
  • Conditioning with my stick (1 6 yard sprint, 2 60 yard springs, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1)- let me tell you something….that might seem like a lot but after doing ALL OF THE ABOVE…it was hard!!

MAX HR Reached : 191Average HR: 145
Target HR (60%-80% of your max HR-195): 117-156
Definitely in the Anaerobic State
Calories from Fat: 16%

Success!! I was sore but I felt awesome afterwards. Towards the end of my workout Erin came too so I had both of them pushing me for the conditioning which I NEEDED because I thought I was going to die.

After I worked out I was feeling great, so I went home, did some laundry, made an omelet, did the dishes, cleaned a little bit, and read! Afterwards I went to the WL Girls basketball game.. I rode the bus with Caitlin so we could spend some quality time together since I haven’t seen her in a while. Also because I wanted people to play Catch Phrase with, but of course I left that at my house. UGH.

Let me tell you a story about being able to see first hand a group of high school athletes overcome adversity.

I don’t know all the details. I don’t know what the score was last year. I do know they lost to the same team in this tournament last year. I also know that it was going to be a tough game.
The girls started out playing OK. There were some turnovers, some missed shots, and the other team was sincerely capitalizing on their mistakes. At halftime, WL was down by 14 points. Now, I don’t know what was said in the locker room…I didn’t go in there. Why? A) Because I know NOTHING about basketball, and B) Because that’s my time to socialize with parents 🙂 …whatever was said worked. The girls came out and they played with HEART ❤ I was stunned. They came out to that second half and in the first few SECONDS they made it known to the other team that they were going to do everything they could to take this game from them. They stayed composed and played as a TEAM! The other team started to get frustrated and instead of lowering themselves to that level, our girls played above it.  I was also extremely nervous because I wanted them to win SO BAD because of the effort they were putting in. It’s hard to describe in words, really. Brynn was controlling the ball all over the court. Lindsey was coming up with huge rebounds. Grayson made a ridiculous layup that deserved a “That’s what IM talking bOUT!”..Brandi was playing hard core all out defense. Rachel was hitting almost every free throw. Kourtney was holding her ground and showing the other team who was boss. Roya was driving to the net…it was just amazing to watch. They finally took the lead for the first time of the game with 2 minutes left. The other team regained the lead one more time, but WL made a huge defensive play, scored, made ANOTHER huge defense play and won!! I had never seen anything like it, I was almost (not surprising to some) emotional. It reminded me of Coach Carter haha. Overall, this isn’t my team. I don’t coach basketball. I do, however, spend a lot of time with the team, with Caitlin and my dad being the coaches, and ALL  I WANT is to see them succeed. I had to say something to them after the game because of how proud I was of them. I don’t remember what I said, but I do know it came straight from my heart.


Some of the girls…we were supposed to make funny faces…Kourtney went a little too far.


My #1 Blog Fans!!!

On the bus I also took the opportunity to share with the team a little bit about my journey. I told them how I have been making changes to better myself as a player and to make this national team. I also tried to reinforce that this is the opportune TIME to be committing yourself to be the BEST! I am done my high school and collegiate career. Hopefully I am not done my playing career in whole. I KNOW that if I put in as much work when I was in high school as I am right now, I would have been unstoppable. I told them that THEY can be unstoppable. It’s not ok to train to be “good enough” or specifically in this case “better than last year” they have to WANT to be the BEST. Each and every player…and they CAN be. I hope they understood where I was coming from. Again, I just want them to succeed.

I am really tired now. I am almost done the autobiography. I am going to read until I fall asleep.



2 thoughts on “It’s Easier Waking Up Early To Workout Than Looking In The Mirror Every Morning And Not Liking What You See…Day 22 (18 days left)

  1. Best blog post by far 🙂 I love your story, and the recognition of being your #1 blog fan! I really liked what you shared with us and definitely took it to heart. Thanks for being added motivation for our team, and pushing us to be our best, and I hope we can do the same for you! Your awesome!

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