Motivation Is What Gets You Started. Habit is What Keeps You Going…Day 20/21 (19 days left)

Well this is it! I have reached the half way mark. The closer we get to the tryout, the more anxious I am getting. I am also seeing a big improvement in my fitness. I’ve been working hard to reach my goal for 20 days. Something as simple as pushups- I could barely do like 5 when I started. Now I feel like a push up machine. When I used to go to body step I used to STRUG-GLE…now I can make it through so I start challenging myself by jumping higher or using two risers and stuff like that.

I am sort of relieved the holiday’s are over! No more cookie temptations, no more birthday or wedding cakes…these are all distractions. I am so thankful to be on break because I am able to rest WHILE working out. During school, I have to really give everything I have at work and then what I have left at my workouts. Now that I am on break, I can sleep in a little, make a nice breakfast, get work done, go work out, go play wall ball for as long as I want, and do anything else I need to get done. I am currently getting over a cold, so perfect timing for the break. It’s also really nice to see my brother and sister home from college. As we approach the new year, try to remember this:


I remember January-February like it was yesterday. The lack of parking spots at the gym, not being able to get into my classes and just a swarm of people getting to the gym to fulfill their “New Years Resolution”. Come March, things changed and we were back to the way it was with the “being able to show up 10 min before class and parking up close”. I encourage all of you to make this a HABIT. Whatever it takes to get you started–GOOD, but that only lasts so long unless you make it a habit.

To sum up the last two days, Dad and I went for a run yesterday morning, and I got a good workout in today. Keeping on track and putting everything I got into all my workouts.

All I have to do is think about the tryout and imagine what it will be like, and I can get my butt out of bed REAL quick. I want to make this team so bad. 9. 9 spots.

I’m reading Michael Vick’s autobiography. I know a lot of people hate him, and I am not putting this on here to start an opinion battle. The interesting part about his early life is that he WASN’T the best. . That wasn’t good enough for him…he wanted to be number 1. It wasn’t about being good enough to play college ball or good enough to play in the NFL. He wanted to be the BEST. He wanted people to want him. He wanted teams to fight for him, and according to his autobiography he WORKED to earn that. He wasn’t always number 1. In high school there was  quarterback who was better than him. That quarterback won all the awards, got all of the press, was number one. After living through that he made sure he would never be in the shadow of anyone else. He didn’t settle for making it. He wanted to BE it. I need to shoot for being number 1. Being the player they really want on their team, not the player they will settle for. New mentality!!

I used to have this as the background on my iPad. I’m gonna put it back there 🙂


Axis at 7:30am tomorrow….getting to sleep early!!



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