If It’s Important Enough To You, You Will Find A Way. If It’s Not, You Will Find An Excuse…Day 19 (21 Day Left!)

Time is FLYING!!!! I can’t believe there is only 21 days until tryouts! It is seriously crunch time! When I woke up this morning, I had a thin bagel with lox on it. That wasn’t enough. I didn’t realize this until I went to body pump at 12pm! It was a great workout, I pushed myself a lot now that I know I am improving my weight lifting. The past couple times I had gone before I started training, I kept the warm up weight on the whole time! This time I was adding and pushing myself. I had a lot of shopping I still had to do today, so I almost didn’t want to go. That would’ve been an excuse, and I want to make this team too bad to make excuses!!


After working out I was tired because I didn’t have enough protein. I was on a shopping mission, though, so I went and did my errands, then went home and made an egg white omelet. I felt MUCH better after that! I headed over to my parents house and hung out with Robert and Taylor now that they are home. For dinner we had steak and vegetables, and now I am watching Home Alone! I am going to make sure I work out EARLY tomorrow so I can get it done and go spend the day with Bryan and his family.

For those celebrating Christmas, have a GREAT Holiday! For those of you who aren’t, enjoy the Chinese food!!



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