Don’t Change What You Want Most For What You Want At This Moment…Day 16

Thursday brought a lot of temptations. There was a full sheet cake in the staff lounge. It almost brought me to tears! I didn’t have any, though!! I’m almost through the week without eating ANY treats from the staff lounge (minus the carrots and celery from the vegetable spread).

At Axis, I was struggling!!!

  • Warm Up
  • Sprints
  • Footwork and Agility- for footwork, I had to jump up and down from a 1 inch platform, and I kept tripping. I also had to back pedal or shuffle back and then back to the platform, and my reaction time was so slow! It was embarrassing!! I don’t know what was wrong but I wasn’t doing well.
  • Abs
  • Shrugs, Med Ball slams with vertical jumps
  • Belgian Lunges and Inverted Shoulder pull ups- UMMM Belgian Lunges are CRAZY HARD!! It works your quads, hamstrings, abs and hips!! I was feeling it everywhere!
  • Alternating overhead presses and Russian Hamstrings—those were killer, too.
  • Sprints on the turf with my new turfs!! 7 up and back, 6 up and back, 5 up and back, all the way down to 1.  By #4, I was killin it.

I felt great after working out, of course. Mucho thanks go out to my girl Erin for waking up super early to help me out. I wouldn’t be able to do this without her!!!


(This is an old photo but it will have to do for now!)

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and some fruit. Lunch I had leftover whole grain pasta with a little sauce. I went to WL after school because the girls basketball team was wrapping gifts, and low and behold there was pizza! But did I have any?? NO!! I am getting better at this. I met Kelly and Samm at On The Border. Instead of getting my favorite, La Bandera, I got a grilled chicken salad with no sour cream or pico de gallo, and dressing on the side. It was REALLY good….I don’t usually like chicken in salad.

The moral of this blog is: What I want most: To make the National Team. What I wanted at those points: Cake, or pizza, or la bandera. I had to remind myself what it is I REALLY wanted overall, rather than at that moment, plus something that was going to last about 2 minutes.


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