Go Catch Your Dreams. Never Give Up. Day 14 (26 days left)

I MADE IT!!! I went through my whole entire birthday without eating cake, cookies, ice cream, or anything that would be awesome to have on a birthday. I actually had to BRING IN cupcakes to school for our Holiday treat! Do you know how hard it is to bring in cupcakes when 1- it’s your birthday, and 2- you can’t even eat them yourself!?! It sucks! Ok, it wasn’t so bad. But still…

This morning started out with a surprise. Tim brought me Starbucks for my birthday. I was thrown off, but I drank it, because who knows the next time something nice will happen like that again! (Just kidding)

Samm ALSO brought me Starbucks! She braided my hair, too, so I looked super cool on my birthday.

I was feeling much better today, but still not 100%. For breakfast I had fruit, for lunch I had a sandwich and then before the end of the day I had a banana. I had some Gatorade today, water still isn’t sitting well.

After school I went to Axis. YES!! I was waiting for it all day!! Erin surprised me with a balloon and flowers! She’s the best. So I started to not feel good again before we worked out, but here’s what we did:

  • Warm Up
  • Sprints working on starts
  • Sprints working on ground ball away pick ups (we didn’t stop until a got a perfect one *both hands on stick, not popping it up..it was on the track so it was really hard!)
  • Dumbbell hang cleans and side ways turn box jumps
  • Lunges, overhead pull downs and Single leg vertical jumps
  • Box Push ups and side ways med ball throws.
  • 8 track sprints under 13 seconds cradling with a ball in my stick

So as soon as we were done the sprints at the beginning, I started to feel really sick again. There were about 5 times I wanted to just stop because I didn’t feel well. My stomach hurt and I was really shaky. HOWEVER I didn’t quit, not like Erin would have let me anyway. I just made sure I knew where the closest door was in case I had to run outside and puke. Once I was content with finishing the work out, I started to actually feel better! I banged out 3 sets of 12 box push ups like a BOSS!!! I felt better after every sprint at the end. Maybe my shirt had something to do with it:


It helped a lot. After Axis, I went out to eat with my family! We went to Asian palace. I had more sushi. I started to feel sick again, so I sipped on some ginger ale. I was afraid the waitress was going to bring me dessert because my family told her it was my birthday, so I had to specifically say to her “Don’t bring me any birthday dessert!!” Now that I think about it, if it was free, I could have let my sister, brother and mom eat it. Sorry!!

After dinner I went to WL to play wall ball. As soon as I walked in to the gym, The girls basketball team sang happy birthday to me!! It was so nice and one of the best parts of my birthday!! THANK YOU GIRLS AND CAITLIN!!! I had two sticks so Shawn and I passed back and forth for a while. He brought me a Cliff Protein Bar since he knew I wasn’t eating any dessert. That was nice and thoughtful haha. I played wall ball for a while, started to feel dizzy again, so I finished up and went home!  Overall it was a good birthday!

The title of this blog has to do with the attire I was wearing when I was working out. Obviously you can see the shirt says “Never Give Up”. It’s from the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation I talked about in a previous blog. I was also wearing RGIII socks Bryan got me for my birthday that said “Go Catch Your Dreams”…which is EXACTLY what I am doing.



4 thoughts on “Go Catch Your Dreams. Never Give Up. Day 14 (26 days left)

  1. Way to go Davia, it was kind of weird not having any type of cake for you, but dinner was fun.
    Sorry I didn’t get up to sing to you, getting older kind of stinks that way…you’ll see! lol
    As always we are so proud of you and your determination!
    I’m glad that you came into my life 25 years ago!

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