In Order To Excel, You Must Be Completely Dedicated…Day 13 (27 days left)

I didn’t post this weekend because I was in Virginia and I was sick, so I will give you a quick over view! I went to Axis Saturday morning. Erin and I had a great workout. Then I went to VA for the weekend! I went down to Georgetown, and you will never believe what I did: I walked past Georgetown Cupcake, and did not stop to get some. I was so proud of myself! To reward myself, I went to lululemon and bought myself a new workout outfit! I love that store, I had never been there before but it was really cool.

Bryan and I went to lunch at Cafe Asia. I kept it simple, and had some salmon sashimi with NO rice!!!


We also split two rolls.

Bryan and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, McLoone’s Pier House at the National Harbor. I had sliced steak with green beans and mashed potatoes. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT! Check out how much mashed potatoes I ate:


The white part on the plate is what I ate. I barely ate half! Bryan had the rest. He also ate both rolls the waiter brought us. What a great guy!! We also visited the Christmas tree! We went there last year too. It is so beautiful!!


On Sunday I was very very sick. I couldn’t keep any food down. It was one of the worst days of my life! Bryan was so amazing in taking care of me and helping me. He is the best.

When I woke up this morning I finally felt better. On my way to school I had a pumpkin spice flax bar and water. At school when I started feeling dizzy I would have some multi grain crackers. I ate my sandwich before 4th period because I was FINALLY hungry for the first time in 24 hours. Here is what I DIDN’T eat during lunch:


I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THAT PICTURE. I was so hungry, too. I did have some sparkling cider to sip on, because for some reason the water was making my stomach hurt. I ate a banana too. Aaron got me some ginger ale which helped a lot because my stomach really started to hurt before 5th period.

I went to work at the basketball game and I really didn’t feel well. I had some pretzels and a Powerade to hold me over. I REALLY wanted some Papa John’s pizza. Griffin didn’t help by telling me just to have it. Luckily I talked to Bryan and he reminded me not to do it because I was doing so well!! Kourtney also made me this awesome Santa sled made out of candy. Can I eat it? NO…but it looks awesome!!!


My mom made me dinner: Steak, broccoli and a dollop of mashed potatoes. Of course when I walked into their house my bro was eating McDonalds fries—my favorite! I didn’t have any though! I started to feel sick again after dinner, so I am sipping on Coke. I HATE COKE!…although it does seem to be settling my stomach. I am excited to get back to training tomorrow; I better feel 100% better because being sick SUCKS!!

Two people at school today told me I looked like I was losing weight. That is a nice compliment, especially when you are working so hard and not really worried about the weight, it just seems to be coming off! Toning I guess.

Tomorrow’s my birthday! YAY!!!! Are you happy Grayson? I won’t miss another blog, since I know how much you depend on them. Goodnight!!


One thought on “In Order To Excel, You Must Be Completely Dedicated…Day 13 (27 days left)

  1. Yes I’m happy! I love reading about how great your doing (although apparently my brother isnt helping…) but stay strong! January 13ths going to be a GREAT DAY FOR SOME LAX 🙂

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