Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Fit Feels….Day 10 (30 days left)

Today was a true test to my will power. We’ll get to that.

This morning I woke up late, so I ate a full bar for breakfast. For the three periods I had in the morning, I did step aerobics again. I needed a towel because I was so sweaty! I definitely got my cardio in today. I taught it last period, too. I had a sandwich and some peanut butter and mulit grain crackers. I also drank LOTS of water today.

On my way to WL to work the basketball game I had another sandwich. I was SO proud of the basketball girls today. They played AMAZING and really made a point that they are a team to compete with. They are awesome.

So here comes the will power. I went to Kelly’s holiday party. As soon as I walked in, I could see the pigs in a blanket, the chick-fil-a- chicken nuggets, the cake, my god it looked so amazing. I wanted to eat something so bad, but I DIDN’T. Before this training, I probably would’ve said “ok I’ll have one or two and be ok”. Not this time. I didn’t touch a thing. I also didn’t have anything to drink, and just drank water while I was there. I feel very accomplished. Not only does being fit feel better than that food would taste, but making this team will.I had a couple carrots too. I also got to see Kristy who told me she would help me train with some of her players at GW, so that’s exciting. I just want to get better, and I think I am headed in the right direction!



One thought on “Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Fit Feels….Day 10 (30 days left)

  1. Davia, I’m so proud of you! That is such an accomplishment. It is so hard not to eat and drink the things you love and this IS the first time you have been able to keep with your plan!!!
    You forgot to mention that you stopped by the RHS party and only ate one piece of celery!
    That will be great for you to workout with the GW girls. It will give you some real play action, which you haven’t had for a while.
    Keep up the awesome job!!!

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