You’re either committed or you’re not. There’s no inbetween…..Day 8 (32 days left)

….That’s what my dad said tonight during dinner while I was whining because I just wanted a french fry from McDonalds. And he is right. (We all know Coach Pro has a way with words)

I woke up at 5:30 this morning so I can keep on schedule. Because I read my mom’s comment on the last blog, I made myself a nice egg white omelet, and I cooked salmon that I could take to school for lunch. I also had cucumbers and strawberries to put in my Fage yogurt, since apparently the greek yogurt with the strawberries in it already is full of sugar and not actually good for you.

I didn’t end up eating the yogurt, just the strawberries on my way to WL. I wanted to eat in the staff lounge but there were all of these cookies there, so I ate in the gym and stared at the wall thinking how I need to hurry up and eat so I can play!

After I finished eating, I got my stick out and I was very very happy. My left hand is back to normal. It might be from Erin making me use it during our workouts, or how I bounce a basketball with my left hand only during each of my classes during the day, or just that I am more cognizant of it when I am playing wall ball. Probably a combination of all three. All I know is that I was a happy girl when I hit the wall today. Tim also helped me for like 3 minutes by throwing the ball at me as I turn around, just to work on my reaction time and stuff. He made fun of me for ducking when he threw the ball at my face. Why did I duck (and still catch it)?? OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE MY GOGS OR MG! Duh…

I was also listening to Afrojack: Can’t Stop Me..that song is awesome if you need some inspiration to keep going.

I went to WL to see Caitlin and to play wall during practice but I really didn’t feel well. I got smacked in the face with a basketball today (something I HATE is getting hit with a basketball), and I had a headache. Instead of pushing it I decided to play it safe, so I went to my parent’s house and laid on the couch. That’s when the fries started hitting me. I was just picturing them and imagining how good they taste. Instead of eating fries I had a delicious steak filet and broccoli, courtesy of my parents. They had some noodley things that I wanted but I was only allowed to have a “taste”.  I need to keep reminding myself WHY I am doing this. Not just to be healthy and change habits, but to MAKE THE TEAM. Every cookie I say no to, all the ice cream I threw out of my freezer, all of the chicken patty-less lunches will all be worth it!

Let’s say goodnight and leave it with this:



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