There’s No Excuse for Anyone to Outwork You…Day 7 (33 days left)


Erin and I had a ridiculous morning. FACT: the green monster drink recipe I mentioned in the last blog….DOES NOT TASTE GOOD THE NEXT MORNING. On my way to Axis I had a pumpkin spice flax bar to hold me over. Let’s go through the work out.

  • Agility stuff (high knees and everything with my stick and a ball when we could) and some sprints with catching the ball and reacting as soon as I turn to come back
  • Abs with my stick
  • 1st set (3 sets): Shrugs (?) and 1 legged box jumps
  • 2nd set (3 sets): Side lunges, pull ups, and one legged vertical jumps
  • 3rd set(3 sets): Shoulder circuit (killer!!!!!!), Hip thrust things that work your hamstrings, med ball throws (my fav)
  • Conditioning. A lot of sprinting and a lot of ground ball pick ups:



Photos courtesy of Erin, of course.

It is SO true that when you get tired you start to make mistakes. I was struggling. We finished well and I was dead tired but I felt accomplished which is what really matters.

I had another pumpkin spice bar on the way to school. For lunch I had more of the tacos from dinner last night. I also had some carrots.

After school I went to the WL girls basketball game and they won!!! I am so happy for them!! For dinner my dad, mom, Liz and I went to Bertuccis. The waitress brought these warm rolls, and I used my will power not to have any! My dad also told me not to so it might have been a combination of both 🙂 I got a small Margrethe Pizza with whole grain thin crust. I didn’t finish it (Ok…my dad took a big piece so I WOULDN’T eat all of it), and afterwards I felt kind of blah. Not the best choice in dinner but it could have been worse.  Now I am pooped, and I am certain it has to do with the food. I think it’s interesting to really feel the effects eating certain foods can have on you. I know, now, not to eat pizza, even a some-what healthy kind.

That’s all for tonight…I am pretty tired!!



2 thoughts on “There’s No Excuse for Anyone to Outwork You…Day 7 (33 days left)

  1. It’s not the pizza. You are not eating anywhere near enough protein!
    Make some hard boiled eggs to grab on your way to the gym and get those Gatorade chocolate recovery shakes for after you work out. You should also be having a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.
    You’ll feel a lot better if you listen to your mother!

  2. I remember when my brother was building up and training for track, all he would eat were chicken breast, with rice, vegetables and then sweet potatoes for snack.

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