Bumps Along the Way… Day 4 (37 Days Left)

Today was tough. I didn’t feel good at all. Maybe it is the lack of sugar or crap, but I am finally feeling some side effects. I was also really tired; not my body, but my brain! This blog is probably not going to be funny. Sorry.It’s Friday…

I had a full bar and a banana for breakfast this morning. For lunch I had a tuna sandwich on pumpernickel and rye bread! During 6th I ate greek yogurt and celery. Today I was never hungry, which is awesome.

After school I went to Axis. Erin helped me out A LOT! I brought a bucket of balls in and she had a softball glove. We warmed up just catching and throwing, and then I had her act as an attacker as I waited for the pass to a cutter to try to intercept it. It was really good, I realized my reaction time needs some improvement. This skill has always been one of my go-tos, so I need to PERFECT it. We also did some passing and catching on the move. My left hand is already improving. Erin reminds me to be positive about it, which probably helps, you know if you think you’re going to catch it you have a better chance of catching it?

At the girls basketball game, Shawn gave me a Natural Valley peanut butter oats bar which was so amazingly good!!! The girls played very well!! Afterwards, my dad took me out to sushi! I took all the sushi off of the white rice before I ate it, and had a couple pieces of a golden roll and then a hand roll. Pretty good for me, since I used to vacuum sushi without taking a breath (anaerobic eating aidan/jenn???)

Sorry this is boring today, I am just really tired and all I can think about is going to sleep!!


2 thoughts on “Bumps Along the Way… Day 4 (37 Days Left)

  1. You still worked on your goals even though you were tired and that is a major accomplishment!
    Good job pushing through. You’re lucky to have such a great support system in Erin.
    Try eating an egg and some fruit for breakfast. It will be a lot better then the Full Bar!
    See you tomorrow at Bodystep, It starts at 10:15 at the Columbia Gym, No excuses!!!

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