I Wanna Be Anaerobic! Day 3 (38 days left)

Two posts ago, I was talking about my heart rate and so on. When Aidan was reading it, he asked me what “anaerobic” is and asked if it’s like anorexia. I still laugh about it, and yes, I am turning anaerobic into a noun that is going to consume me over the next few weeks. For those of you who do not know what anaerobic is (Jenn Marker), it means “without oxygen”. When referring to anaerobic exercise, it is a short, intense exercise that you can not do for very long without stopping and catching your breath. For example, sprints and heavy weigh lifting (muscular strength vs. muscular endurance). Aerobic exercises would be like jogging, biking, swimming, etc. Get it Jenn???

This morning was rushed, and I had a full bar 😦 SORRY. I had some celery before 2nd, After 3rd I had a banana and it was actually good! And I felt full!! How amazing is that? I think my body loves me right now because I swear I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

For lunch I had chicken and broccoli that I had cooked for dinner last night. I didn’t finish it, but I was full and I had water to drink. BOOM!!!

I went to work out at Axis again, and it was awesome, again. I am very high maintenance when I work out there. I also had a special guest! My MOM came and worked out with me! She is in way better shape than I am, and she was great! I on the other hand was dying for 59 out of the 60 minutes I was exercising. I did however incorporate my stick into the work out, so when we were doing running exercises, I had the ball and my stick so I could be realistic.
Today’s work out consisted of:

  • Painful foam rolling
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Sprint starts (I used my stick here so that when I took off I would cradle)
  • Core work
  • I don’t even remember what their called but you pull the dumbbell all the way from a small squat into the air??, medicine ball throws
  • Dumbbell squats with an elastic band, Dumbbell push up rows and squat jumps
  • Conditioning (sprinting with my stick)

Max HR: 200!!!!!!! (definitely during sprints)
Average HR: 155
Calories: 725
Cal. Fat: 19%

I just about died, but I made it through with my mom and Erin’s help!! Then Erin made me a protein shake again which was easier to get down, and my mom and I went to Tino’s! Instead of getting chicken alfredo like usual, I got their specialty salad that has spinach leaves, red onions, red peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese with balsamic vinagarette on the side and shrimp on top. It was good! Maybe I was still in la la land from the work out. I also got to have two pieces of bread too (because Erin said it was ok)!!!

My mom was the bomb today, by the way. Her good attitude and motivating spirit was a awesome to have on top of Erin’s amazing coaching.

After dinner I went to the WLHS girls basketball practice. My good good friend Caitlin is the coach, and my dad is one of the assistants! SO I stayed out of the way and used to ball to play some one handed wall ball. I wouldn’t stop until I got 20 left hands in a row, which didn’t take too long. Then I literally just messed around with the ball in my left hand the rest of the practice. Shout out to Grayson and Courtney. They are cool. πŸ™‚

I also had the pleasure of running into two of my soccer players, Maria and Sam! I was so happy to see them. They also were excited about the tryout, and so I started thinking about how THEY (my soccer team) have inspired me! As a coach I asked (actually, I didn’t really have to…they just did) that they give me 100% EVERY DAY at practice and in games. They gave me 110%. To see them dig deep and find dedication maybe some of them didn’t even know they have is all the more reason for me to do the same. I have to expect the same work ethic out of myself, and I know it won’t be hard when all I have to do is think about how my team did it for me and how NOTHING is impossible.


That’s all for tonight. I am going to use my left hand for EVERYTHING I can….brushing my hair and teeth, eating..I can’t think of anything else right now but you get it, right?

One day closer to the dream!!


4 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Anaerobic! Day 3 (38 days left)

  1. The exercise is called DB Hang Snatch. And I didn’t say your bars were bad, it’s just not enough to fuel an entire workout, especially at 5:30am when you have nothing else in your system. boom.

  2. Davia thanks so much for making me feel that I helped you and for even wanting me there. You worked really hard and definitely kicked my butt in the sprints. (I HATE running). Keep up the good work you are already improving so much.
    We signed you up for bodystep tomorrow and Dawn said she’ll do Happiness and the athletic circuit if you come.
    That’s the cheap way for me to get and stay in shape!
    Love you and your enthusiasm!!!

  3. Sorry I am days behind! Thanks for the shout out come to practice any time I love your face, and I am soo proud of you!!!

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