“Get out of bed before your body realizes it’s still tired” Day 1 of Training! (40 days until tryouts)

They say Day 1 is the hardest, and I believe that is an understatement! The quote I chose today had to do with my workout.

I woke up at 5am this morning so I could get to Axis by 5:30. I woke up almost every hour last night. This is either because I was nervous about over sleeping, or because I was excited to start this journey. When you work out in the morning, you never have an excuse not to do it. I find that when I wait until later in the day, “don’t feel good” or “have a lot of work to do”. When I work out at 5:30 am, Erin crams as much as she can into 60 minutes and I can get to school by 6:30; the time the building opens. That gives me enough time to rinse off and get started on any work I need to (let’s be honest, I would NEVER wake up at 5:30 to do work. My brain doesn’t function that early!)

Driving to Axis, I ate a full bar. I need to eat SOMETHING or I will feel sick! When I got there, Erin asked me what I ate, and she was not happy about it.

I put on my heart rate monitor, my new playlist I spent last night making, and we got going:

  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Sprints
  • Agility work (focused on planting and turning, by the way I am terrible at back pedaling)
  • Hang cleans and box jumps (kinda felt like I was working out in the Paul Rabil Warrior commercial during this part!)
  • Ab work
  • Lunges, standing rows and skater jumps (during the lunges I didn’t think I was going to make it, but then “I’m A Machine” by David Guetta came on, and it saved me!)
  • push ups, single leg dead lifts and medicine ball throws
  • conditioning

As you can imagine, I am beat. I thought I was going to die but it was all worth it knowing I will be faster and stronger come January 13th.

Max HR: 198
Average HR: 161

Target HR Range: 123-164

Overall Average: Anaerobic Stage

Now…this is NOT a usual workout…this was full throttle work out!! Not gossip, laughing, joking, even talking really. It will all be worth it.

Following the workout, my wonderful trainer made me a smoothie because I need to fuel with protein. She always takes care of me!! The smoothie has strawberries, mango, low fat OJ and protein powder. I am trying to get used to the taste, which leads me to…


As already mentioned, I had a full bar this morning, which apparently is crap. I am still sipping on the protein shake. I have been sticking it in the freezer at work to get it cold. It kinda makes me want to throw up, but then when I actually drink it it’s not so bad.

One of the hardest parts of my day is standing at the gym door, waiting for my students to come in, and smelling the chicken patty’s being cooked for lunch. I LOVE CHICKEN PATTYS. For a while I was buying school lunch every day, and I always got chicken patty.

For lunch I had salmon, celery and carrots, and greek yogurt. This is a big change from my usual unhealthy meal. Instead of “weaning” off the bad food, I am going cold turkey. And it is HARD.

When I went to visit Erin today I was DYING!!!! She gave me a Koshi bar which was actually unbelievably delicious!! (unlike that poison protein shake she gave me this morning…just kidding)

Dinner, we’re going with steak and mashed potatoes at my parents house. They always take care of me! They are also very excited and supportive of this journey!


During lunch today while I was munching on some celery, I decided to get my stick out, turn the music up and play a little wall ball. To my dismay, my left hand is ATROCIOUS! I have a lot of work to do on that part.


I am starting to feel the pain all over my body, especially in my butt. I hope I can move tomorrow. Lot’s of ibuprofen and stretching! I never used to take ibuprofen because I didn’t care about being sore, but when it is going to effect your workout schedule, that is NOT ok!

Anyway, I am one day closer and one
day stronger!! Let’s go!!





3 thoughts on ““Get out of bed before your body realizes it’s still tired” Day 1 of Training! (40 days until tryouts)

  1. Good job Davia! Erin’s workout sounds awesome. Maybe I can join you one day and she can kick our butts together.
    I hope I see you tonight at bodystep and pump!
    It’s a great workout and you love the music.
    See you soon

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